History of Bulgaria

The ruins group with much remains of the gold products considered to be the things around B.C. 4000 is checked in Thrace, and it is argued whether to be new "civilization" among archaeologists. It is the Byzantine Empire territory till the 7th century. After the 5th century, Slavs invade, and, subsequently the people from nomadic people Bulghar of the Turck system will invade and conquer. Put under rule of Slavs, rule was made to be observed in the Byzantine Empire around 680, and Bulgaria (country from Bulghar) was founded (the first Bulgaria empire). Since the number was overwhelmingly less than Slavs, by the 10th century, with Slavs, the people from Bulghar were half-blooded and assimilated, and the present Bulgarian was formed. Although the first Bulgaria empire was ruined in the Byzantine Empire in the 11th century and it became the Byzantine Empire territory again, it became independent again at the end of the 12th century (the second Bulgaria empire). However, the second Bulgaria empire declined in response to the blow by invasion of the Mongolian in 1242, and was ruined in Ottoman Empire in 1393. henceforth, it was put under rule of lasting Ottoman Empire of a for [ 500 years ]. As a result, it has had great influence on the language of Bulgaria which continues up to now, customs, etc. Since Ottoman Empire defeated in 露土 war accepted Treaty of San Stefano in 1878, Bulgaria became an autonomous dukedom (great Bulgaria dukedom). However, Britain, Austria, etc. have held concern to it making the going-south policy of Russia easy that it was a protectorate of Russia as a matter of fact and that the territory developed to the Aegean Sea. Therefore, the territory in Bulgaria was reduced by Treaty of Berlin, the going-south policy of Russia was checked, and the political repercussions of Russia were made to be weakened. Taking advantaging of the youth Turk revolution having broken out in Ottoman Empire in 1908, Bulgaria declared independence. Then, independence was recognized internationally in 1909 and the Bulgaria kingdom was materialized. To the Batten Belc house and the back, a Sachsen = Coburg = Gotha house and the German feudal lords were invited as a sovereign of Bulgaria at the beginning. In 1912, Balkan League is connected to Greece, Serbia, and Montenegro, and Turkey and Balkan War (primary) will be fought. In 1913, it will be opposed to Serbia and Greece over postwar processing of first Balkan War. Second Balkan War is performed and it is defeated. In second Balkan War, Romania, Montenegro, and Turkey are also opposed to Bulgaria. It was friendless isolatoin. Bucharest peace conference. In 1915, the ally side was entered by World War I. In 1941, Nazi Germany and a military alliance will be concluded. However, Holocaust was resisted, the transfer from its native country was prevented, and it was also the only country which made Jews' population increase to a term during the war under Axis-powers influence. Invasion of the Soviet Union will be received in 1944, monarchy is abolished, republicanism is materialized, and it becomes the satellite power in the Soviet Union (People's Republic of Bulgaria). The Communist Party government collapsed in 1989 and Simeon サクスコブルクゴツキ, the former king, was inaugurated as the prime minister in 2001. It joined in European Union (EU) on January 1, 2007. When joining, it was reexamined by the European Council noting that reform was insufficient, but it was recognized noting that after affiliation continued reform. However, at the time of affiliation, it is the EU poorest country, and it is apprehensive about a young labor person and the educated class flowing into Western Europe in quest of a fat income after affiliation, and we are anxious about friction with the West European countries where cheap labor flows in with the national-power fall of Bulgaria being expanded.

Geography of Bulgaria

Bulgaria consists of longtime districts, such as Thrace, Moesia, and Macedonia. A mountain range occupies 1/3 of a country, and there is Musala (altitude of 2,925 m) which is the highest peak of the Balkan Peninsula. It is called a rose valley, every place are dotted with a rose field, and it has become a 1 large producing district the whole place inserted into Balkan Mountains (Stara Planina) of a country which ran the center to east and west mostly, and became the origin of the name of the Balkan Peninsula, and a スレドナ Gola mountain range. The hilly country and the plain meet the Danube which is the east Black Sea coast and a main river in Bulgaria. Moreover, the Danube is also the border with Romania. The climate of Bulgaria is roughly divided in Balkan Mountains, temperature of the north side is low humid in winter, and temperature is drying it highly in summer. On the south is warm, and is humid, and it is Mediterranean climate in Koeppen's climate zone.